About Golden Age Farm:

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Richard and Sue Masson began actively investing in the purebred cattle business in 2012 and are continuing to build and improve their Wagyu and Black Angus herds at their dedicated facility in Lexington, Kentucky, named Indian Mound Farm. Similar to their approach to the breeding of thoroughbred horses, the Massons believe both superior genetics and superior physical appearance are the twin pillars of building a successful long-term breeding strategy. 

Our herd management philosophy is premised on balanced selection for both phenotypic and genomic excellence. Through meticulous and active selection, the Golden Age herds consist of only the very best of each calf crop and we pay special attention to optimizing the outcome for each particular animal under our stewardship. 

The Golden Age Way

Reproduction Management: Together with Cheryl and Larry Nelson of Nelson Reproductive Services, Golden Age does routine embryo transfer work in both their Angus and Wagyu herds. The Nelson's have been doing bovine ET work since 1978, and we are fortunate to have them right here in central KY.  In addition to our ET program, a majority of our cattle are synchronized and bred A.I. to sires within and outside our systems. We aim to calve for 60 days in the spring and 60 days in the fall.

Herd Health:

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All the cattle at Golden Age Farm are on a strict vaccination regime and parasite control program. We vaccinate for all of the major respiratory diseases, BLV, pinkeye, Brucellosis (females) and Black Leg. We also incorporate a rotation of broad range dewormers and fly tags as our parasite preventatives. We would be glad to visit with you about our herd health protocol; we see a significant value in what we do and hope our customers do as well.


  • Wagyu Currently we grain supplement young cattle that we are developing for breeding purposes, show and sale cattle and first calf heifers. In our Wagyu operation, we utilize a ration developed by Burkmann Nutrition to finish our steers. In terms of mineral, we use a customized ration that is utilized and adjusted year round.

  • Angus Our Angus cowherd and first calf heifers are maintained on high quality forages. Like our Wagyu, cattle getting prepared for show and sale situations are supplemented with a balanced ration to assist in them meeting their genetic potential.


We have been blessed with pastures that are absolutely ideal for rotational grazing; they are relatively flat, all connected and all well fenced. Consequently, we make a conscious effort to assure that no pastures on the farm are ever overgrazed and are given periodic rest.