Lead Staff

Richard & Sue Masson
Owner (s)

Caleb Schaeffer
Farm Manager

Shelby Olson



Golden Age Farm, LLC

What We Are About

Richard & Sue Masson along with their farm staff have a deep appreciation for quality cattle, this appreciation stems from their 20+year history in the Thoroughbred horse industry. Taking the lessons learned in their successful Green Lantern Stables breeding program and applying those into their beef cattle genetic system, has assured high quality results on a consistent basis. 

Starting in 2013, Golden Age purchased their foundation cattle at The Empire State Farm Wagyu Dispersal. The highlight that historic event was the Golden Age acquisition of SSF Toby Z278-31-225  who is making a tremendous impact on our program. 

That very same year in Larkspur, CA, Richard & Sue invested into the very finest genetics available at the record setting Belcampo Wagyu Dispersal.  MS CHR Suzutani 252T, the Michifuku daughter who traces back to the world renown World K's Suzutani, who is the dam of World K's Sanjirou and World K's Shigeshigetani.

Building upon this foundation through embryo transfer, artificial insemination and disciplined genetic selection after analyzing cattle in terms of pedigrees and complimentary phenotype. 

Going forward, our focus will always be on quality in every aspect of our operation; producing elite genetics to harvesting premium carcasses.